Potten, dozen en containers - Pots, Boxes and Containers   

SC2256 Large Cottage Canister ca.25cm

DH1285 Large Siesta Man (koekjespot)

KI 1836 Raccoon Planter ca. 24cm hoog

DO0234 Squirrel Harvest Jar

DM2229 Round box with lid diam

NO 2868 Box voor Decorator stone (NO2871 en NO2873)

NO2871 Butterfly Decorator Stone ca.16,5cm diam.

NO2873 Hummingbird Decorator Stone ca.16,5cm diam.

SC1809 Lace Hat Box ca. 11 cm diam

DO0392 Mouse with Candy Hearts ca. 11 cm hoog 12cm breed

DO 0393 Bunny with Jelly Beans ca. 11 cm hoog

DM0270 Egg Box ca.16cm lang (2delen)

TL0608C (extra) Flowerpot for TL0608 ca12,5cm hoog